Sink Options When Renovating Your Bathroom

vessel sinkRemodeling your bathroom is not cheap. Despite this, real estate experts suggest that even a simple renovation to your bathroom can add significantly to the resale value of your home.

If you have just started doing a remodel for your bathroom, or you are in the midst of this important undertaking, consider choosing an exceptional bathroom sink. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, selecting a unique sink will give the room a special appeal.

Today, there are thousands of sinks that come in distinct styles, accessories, and features. It is important to first take measurements of your bathroom before purchasing a sink to ensure that what you are buying will blend well with your existing space.

There are two types of bathroom sinks in the modern market:

1. Sinks with three-hole setups: These are sinks that will allow you select your personalized fixtures; thus you can customize them as much as you want and come up with a unique style that you can imagine.

2. Complete sink systems: These sinks come with all features pre-installed including a handle, spout and integrated faucets.

The type of sink you install during a bathroom remodeling is highly dependent on the nature of the countertop or vanity the sink will be installed in. There are a large number of options available including;

The Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

undermount sink

These sinks are mounted beneath the countertop, in a way that the edges of the countertop’s surface are exposed around the entire sink; thus you can add decorative elements around it. Because there are no rims, an under-mount sink is the easiest to clean and maintain. Therefore, it remains one of the most popular bathroom sinks.

The Integrated Bathroom Sink

Here, the sink and the countertop are one piece, making it easy and quick to install. It is primarily designed to fit in standard vanities. This product is also easy to clean and maintain.

The Self-Rimming or Top-Mount Bathroom Sink

If you are a DIY fanatic, this is the perfect sink for you. With rolled edges around them, this sink fits in freely into the opening of the countertop. It might not be easy to clean, but installation is straightforward, and something that you can quickly achieve in a few minutes as long as you have a fitting countertop.

Above Counter or Vessel Sink

The basin sits comfortably on top of the counter, and this product is ideal if you need a beautiful bathroom that will wow your friends and makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Pedestal Bathroom Sink

This sink contains a basin on top of a tall and slender base. Often considered as traditional sinks, modern styles have been embraced by many Americans, especially those with small bathrooms where counter storage is not a top priority.

Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

Despite the fact that these sinks were built for commercial and industrial use, they are used in residential homes as well. They are mounted on walls, at standard heights that make them accessible to many, and the plumbing is visible underneath.

You can add glamour to these sinks by adding polished chrome, or other finishes, to the piping. These sinks are affordable and help create a lot of space especially in small bathrooms.

Console Bathroom Sink

These are a great alternative to wall-mount sinks. They mimic vintage tables found in hallways. Essentially, a console bathroom sink is a wall-mount sink with stands. The stands can be four or two-legged– depending on what you need. They offer lovely counter space and have open shelves below where you can store other items.

For further advice on sinks for bathroom renovations contact the Sydney Bathroom Reno Masters.