Home Remodeling Checklist

Check Out The Drainage System

The drainage system should be professionally inspected to ensure that it is working well.

Have problems repaired, and find out if there are any guidelines or restrictions related to your renovation.

Know Your Walls Inside And Out

Some of your walls are load-bearing, which means that you can’t go ripping them out. Others are for dividing purposes only and can be removed for an open floor plan.

Also, make sure you know about the wiring, insulation and other things running through the walls of your home.

Investigate Local Contractors

Home Remodeling ChecklistBefore you start calling remodeling contractors, you need to look into those in your community. Ask people that you know who they would recommend and who they avoid.

You can also find reviews from other homeowners by looking online.

Do your research thoroughly, and make sure the review sites are independently owned and do not accept any advertising dollars from the businesses listed there.

Read Bids Closely

When you receive bids from the contractors you are considering for the job, make sure that you review them very carefully.

Ask for an itemized list, and check the bids side by side. You might discover that the higher bid includes services not listed on a lower one.

Living And Visiting

What are you going to do when you are having the home renovated? You need to be able to live in a hotel, or another part of the building while the renovations are underway.

Additionally, you need to be close enough that you can check on the progress each day. Some folks make the mistake of going on vacation, only to come back to an unfinished home.

Prepare In Advance

In order to have a great experience, make sure that you have properly prepared before the project gets underway.

Doing so will help to ensure that you are happy with the new renovations!