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When To Call A Framingham Emergency Plumber Right Away

Although most plumbing issues (such as a clogged kitchen sink, a leaking valve, etc.) are easier to handle and can wait till the next day for the plumber to show up, some emergency plumbing situations need immediate attention – even here in Framingham. Knowing just when to call an emergency plumber can help circumvent major damage to both the system and your valuables as well. You do, however, need to look for an experienced and certified emergency plumber to help with the situation. Some of the cases that require the expertise of an emergency plumber are outlined below.


Burst pipes and major leaks can wreak havoc on your Framingham house if not handled in time. If left unattended, a major leak can flood the entire house causing even more problems. Although simple leaks can be contained by closing the water shutoff valve by the wall, cases of burst pipes may require you to shut off your home’s main supply valve. This means no water in the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, and other essentials. Burst pipes can be caused by too much pressure in the plumbing system, weak pipelines, and frozen pipes as well. Should you come home to a flooded house (or wake up to one), your first instinct should be to turn off the primary water inlet, then diagnose where the leak is coming from. You should also call an emergency plumber in Framingham immediately to help contain the situation.

Sewer Backup and Clogs

Sewer backup and a clogged drainage system shouldn’t be ignored or left unattended. If an otherwise simple clog is becoming hard to dislodge or keeps getting worse by the hour, you then should call an emergency plumber immediately. Sewer backup not only exposes your Framingham home to untreated wastewater and raw sewage but also affects the air quality in the house as well. Sewer systems produce highly toxic gases that can have serious health implications. Call an emergency plumber on the first sign of a clogged drain system causing an overflowing toilet etc.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a recipe for disaster in your home plumbing system. With our cold winters, pipes can freeze here in Framingham if they aren’t properly insulated and for lack of insulation altogether during the cold winter season. Pipes located in unconditioned spaces such as the attic or garage are at the highest risk of freezing in unexpected cold weather. Frozen pipes mean water inside will start freezing too, which almost always leads to a buildup in water pressure, and eventually burst pipes. If you notice reduced water pressure, or icy water coming from your kitchen or bathroom taps, then chances are the pipes outside are frozen. Take a quick look at these to confirm this. Make a point to call an emergency plumber immediately you confirm this.

You should also consider calling a plumber immediately if there’s no hot water in hot water pipes, or the boiler doesn’t seem to work as expected.

Many people fall for quacks and inexperienced plumbers (yes, even here in Framingham) when in dire need of an emergency plumber. Since plumbing issues occur all the time, consider shopping around for the right plumber beforehand, and have their contacts ready in your phonebook or diary. Be sure to look into other qualifications such as Massachusetts licensing, certification, and years of experience before contacting one.

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